Pharma Industries

JP offers a broad range of proven standard and proprietary equipment, all designed to maximize operating efficiency and minimize cost in use within the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Hygienic
  • Cleanliness
  • Maintenance access
  • Choice of construction materials
  • Variety of standard feeders and dosing valves

JP is committed to providing customers the best possible process solutions and operates to the most stringent international quality standards and enjoys a worldwide uncompromising commitment to quality assurance. Range of manufacturing services include rotary valves, bulk material intake products, minor ingredient intakes & screening, intermediate storage & distribution, mixing & dosing and process & packaging.

Chemical & Fertilizer

JP supplies the chemical industry with valves for polymers such as polyethylene, k-resins, vinyl chloride, monomer, catalysts, crystals, and many other applications. Valves in sophisticated materials such as titanium, monel, and hastelloy are supplied for corrosive acids, aromatic anhydride, sulphuric acid, ethylene dichloride, and others. We can offer a complete line for almost all of these plants, including bellows seal and cryogenic valves in globe, gate, ball, and triple-offset variations, all from one source. It’s also important to note that one of the most serious technical demands currently facing the valve manufacturing industry is controlling fugitive emissions, particularly from stem seals.

Nuclear Power Plant

JP experience as a nuclear power specialist dates to the birth of the industry when it provided innovative pumping and sealing technology and high performance valving. Today, JP continues that tradition with products and services that remain on the leading edge of the technology needed to meet stringent Nuclear power plant standards for boiling water reactors and pressurized water reactors. JP Technical Services can help plant operators restore or even improve station efficiency through assessments of steam supply, circulating water, safety and auxiliary cooling water systems. This is accomplished by using advanced data collection tools and methods coupled with highly sophisticated thermodynamic and hydraulic modeling techniques.

Power & Steel Plants

The power industry has always been seeking new methods to develop energy resources in a quick, safe and efficient way in order to meet increasing power demand and inflict minimum impact to the environment. JP can help customers to meet the most important challenges in coal power generation, natural gas power generation, nuclear power and other renewable energy sources industries. JP can help customers to reduce downtime, optimize energy efficiency and create a safe working environment. Our experience in critical and strict business isolation, overpressure and control applications in high pressure & temperature conditions can meet almost any requirement.

LNG & Cryogenics

JP offers the most complete and most technically advanced cryogenic valve product line available from one source, including gate, globe, check, ball, double or triple-offset, and control valves for liquefied gases, LNG, research labs, and superconductivity for particle accelerators and aerospace. JP also offers valves for extreme low temperatures of -271°C (2 degrees above absolute zero).

Complete Valve Solutions:

LNG trains, terminals, and carriers
Liquefied helium, hydrogen, oxygen
Superconductivity applications
Tokamak fusion reactors

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